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Evaluating Multisonic Imaging

Often one can simply set up a Multisonic sound system and be amazed by the excellent stereo sound quality--the center image area is focused and stable, and a clear, wide sound stage is heard, even when listening at the left or right side of the room.

However, there are various particular aspects of Multisonic Imaging which should be considered during a listening evaluation:

1. The Multisonic Imager dramatically performs three-point imaging. This shows the basic functionality of the Multisonic system as it addresses each of the three loudspeaker locations simply using a stereo CD. Three-point imaging is the result of a recording which has three primary signal sources panned to left, center, and right.

2. There is a significant improvement in the focus of the sound at the center. A good recording with a soloist panned exactly center is all you need to appreciate this. With Multisonic Imaging, the result is outstanding presence and clarity.

3. Move around the listening area to hear how the system sounds at different locations. With most setups, all three loudspeakers can easily be heard from anywhere in the room, and specific sound locations, especially the center, remain fixed.

4. The Multisonic Surround outputs are totally clean. With a high-fidelity setup, the quality of the surround audio will surpass any steered or delayed system. This can be demonstrated by turning off the front loudspeakers, and turning up the volume. There is no cleaner surround system than this!

5. Multisonic performance is far superior to Pro-Logic when using Dolby Surround program material. Play any dramatic video soundtrack, and the effect will be a solid, hi-fi rendition of exactly what was recorded, with excellent localization and unusual clarity and presence.

6. Video sources with stereo audio are extremely effective in Multisonic. Listen to VHS-HiFi recordings or stereo television programs, and hear the difference!.

7. The Multisonic Balance control can be quite useful. It allows user control over the mix of lead vocals, for example. With most recordings, lead vocals can be accentuated or almost completely canceled out (set Multisonic Balance to Diff and adjust Source Balance near center for cancellation).

Conversely, if you do not want to tweak things, then just leave this control in the center and hear how the Imager consistently presents a variety of program sources without any user intervention--for example going from CD to video, no adjustments are necessary.

8. A mono source played through a Multisonic system focuses tightly to the center, as it should. For mono music sources, SpreadSound very effectively creates a big, spread-out sound. Play a mono music source and switch the SpreadSound on and off--you will hear a dramatic difference.


Multisonic Demo Music Suggestions

Here is some music we have found useful for evaluating a Multisonic system. Of course there is much, much more good demo material--it all sounds great in Multisonic!

Three-Point and Multi-point Imaging

Barbara Streisand/The Broadway Album, Columbia CK 40092 (track 1)

John Cougar Mellencamp/The Lonesome Jubilee, Mercury 832 465-2 (track 1)

Van Halen/1984, Warner Bros. 9 23985-2 (track 6)

Crown Demo Disc, SAR D649010 (tracks 9, 10, 32)

Overall Great Sound, Including Surround

Collective Soul, Atlantic 82745-2 (track 5)

Contemporary Jazz Masters Sampler Vol. 1, Columbia CK 46106 (track 6, A. C. Jobim)

Center Focus

Flim & The BB's/Tunnel, dmp/Telarc CD-447 (track 8)

Bonnie Raitt/Luck Of The Draw, Capitol C2-96111 (track 6)

Multisonic Balance/Vocal Cancellation

Los Lobos/Kiko, Slash/Warner Bros. 9 26786-2 (track 4)

The Best of the Doors, Elektra 9 60345-2 (disc 1, track 4)

Multisonic Surround

The Ultimate Demonstration Disc, Chesky UD95 (track 23)

Weather Report/8:30, Columbia/Legacy CK 57665 (track 2)

Peter Frampton/Frampton Comes Alive!, A&M 75021 6505 2 (disc 2, track 6)

Dolby Surround

Any good Dolby Surround demo scene will work. Consider "The Fugitive" train wreck scene, any part of "Jurassic Park", "True Lies", "Alladin"; actually anything that sounds good in Pro-Logic will be even more impressive in Multisonic.

Television Audio

The Tonight Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, and The Simpsons are all good examples. There are many other TV shows and movies with good stereo audio, and they all work extremely well in Multisonic. (Dolby publishes a list of Dolby Surround television programs any of which would provide good demo material.)

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