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The M86 Multisonic® Imager
  • Converts Any Conventional Left/Right Stereo Mix To A Left/Center/Right/Sub Mix
  • Covers An Entire Audience or Room With True Stereo Sound
  • Works With All Stereo Sources, Live or Recorded
  • High-Quality Derived Surround With Spreadsound
  • Can Provide Clean Vocal Cancellation or Remixing
  • Multiple Stereo Inputs (XLR's, Gold RCA's)
  • Discrete 5.1 Input (Gold RCA's)
  • Discrete Center And Sub Inputs (XLR's)
  • Subwoofer Crossover with Switchable Filters
  • Output Level Controls
  • Balanced XLR Inputs and Outputs


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The Miles Technology M86 Multisonic™ Imager provides stereo sound with accurate, precisely-detailed spatial imaging to a large audience and a large listening area. It uses our patented Optimum Linear Matrix to convert two-channel stereo to a left-center-right (three-channel) format. True stereo imaging is provided for the entire audience, even to areas which are far off center.

The M86 is perfect for all stereo applications from large auditoriums to high-end home theater systems. It is used in performing arts centers, sanctuaries, corporate A/V, nightclubs, schools, auditoriums, multimedia, exhibits, broadcast facilities, production and post-production studios, and installed home theater/audio.

Listening Area Comparison

Unlike any other multichannel approach, the M86 is convenient and cost effective. Patched into a sound system just ahead of the power amplifiers, it combines left and right input signals from any stereo source to create left, center, right, and subwoofer output signals. Two full-bandwidth surround output signals are also created.

Featuring our patented Multisonic® Imaging technology, the M86 creates a smooth, clean "wall" of high-fidelity sound with a precisely-detailed spatial presentation.

Key elements of a mix, such as lead vocals and centered drums, are dramatically reproduced at the center loudspeaker. Other sounds simultaneously localize correctly at the left and right. The unit also offers discrete center and subwoofer inputs, for productions needing specific point-source intelligibility and convenient discrete subwoofer mixing.

Multisonic Imaging is fully compatible with all audio and stereo-soundtrack formats. Superior sound quality is accomplished without need for source encoding, equalization, steering, or any dynamic modification. Whether the source is digital or analog, live or recorded, the result is impressive.

The full-bandwidth surround outputs are enhanced with Miles Technology's proprietary Spreadsound™ linear processing circuitry. Without any of the detrimental side effects found in other surround synthesis and decorrelation schemes, each output alone sounds identical to its input, but when listening in stereo, the effect is impressive--spatially enveloping yet totally clean.

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Back Panel

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The M86 includes a main stereo input, three aux stereo inputs, and additional inputs for discrete center, subwoofer, and 5.1 sources. It's perfect for both LCR-only and full-surround systems in auditoriums, sanctuaries, nightclubs, corporate A/V applications, schools, multimedia, exhibits, museums, broadcast facilities, and touring systems.

Multisonic Imaging works equally well with live mixes, recorded material, or a combination of both. Since there is no "steering" or gain riding (unlike other surround processors), absolute signal integrity is maintained. Multisonic Imaging is suitable for the most demanding high-performance professional applications.

Listeners who are way off center can still hear proper stereo imaging. Typically, three-fourths or more of an audience can hear the mix with excellent stereo perspective. In addition, the clarity of the sound is greatly improved.

In smaller rooms, the "sweet spot" is enlarged so much that excellent stereo imaging can be heard from almost anywhere in the room.

Our patented Multisonic Imaging system presents any center-panned sounds in the mix (lead vocals, drums, etc.) clearly from the center speaker, while sounds panned toward the sides or back are simultaneously correctly localized. Multisonic Imaging is based on a precise linear matrix optimized for maximum spatial separation. Surround videos are reproduced with surprising clarity, excellent imaging, and unrivaled dynamics.

The M86 allows convenient integration of 5.1 and stereo sources in a surround system. Appropriate inputs are mixed together to allow operation with various sources without the need for input switching.

For live mixing applications, the M86 enables a stereo console to operate much like an LCR console, except mixing is much easier. The Discrete Center and Discrete Sub Inputs allow direct signal routing for specific elements in the mix, while simultaneously allowing left-center-right imaging from stereo-panned portions of the mix.

There is no better way to present stereo sound, whether live or recorded. Multisonic Imaging is simply the cleanest and best two-to-three or two-to-six channel process available. It can be used in discrete LCR systems to handle stereo sources, so that the benefit of the left/center/right loudspeaker setup can be fully realized.

M86 Technical Description

Block Diagram

The M86 Multisonic™ Imager features four pairs of left/right stereo inputs, a set of 5.1 inputs for sources in this format, center and subwoofer discrete inputs, Multisonic Imaging circuitry, subwoofer crossover filters, and left/center/right/left-surround/right-surround/sub outputs.

Multisonic Imaging is a patented linear-matrix system which provides optimum spatial separation and acoustic presentation of stereo mixes using three front loudspeakers. The Matrix Balance control adjusts the image width.

The discrete 5.1, center, and sub inputs route to their respective outputs, and are mixed with the corresponding Multisonic signals (derived from the left/right stereo inputs) to provide optimum imaging from all sources simultaneously. The 5.1-to-Multisonic switch processes 5.1 recordings which lack a center-channel signal in Multisonic to create the complete front soundstage.

Each surround output provides a mix of the corresponding 5.1 surround input, and a surround signal derived from the stereo inputs using the left-minus-right difference component processed by our unique Spreadsound quadrature-phase-shift system for an improved sound field.

All inputs also route to the crossover to contribute to the subwoofer output. Level balance of the speakers is easily set by ear using the Setup switches and the output level controls.

The M86 features high-quality op amps for low noise and distortion, and +/- 15-volt rails for maximum dynamic range. Precision resistors and other quality components are used throughout.

M86 Specifications

Main Stereo Left and Right, Discrete Center, and Discrete Sub:
Balanced XLR connectors
Maximum input level: +20 dBu
Input impedance: 22K ohms
Aux Stereo Left and Right (three stereo inputs), and 5.1 (left/center/right/left-surround/right-surround/sub):
Gold RCA connectors
Maximum input level: +11 dBu
Input impedance: 8.5K ohms

Left, Center, Right, Subwoofer, Left Surround, and Right Surround:
Balanced, XLR connectors
Maximum output level: +26 dBu
Differential output Z: 100 ohms

  • Stereo Input Gain
  • Matrix Balance
  • Derived Surround Level
  • 5.1 Input Gain
  • 5.1 to Multisonic switch
  • Sub Input LPF switch
  • L/C/R Output HPF switch
  • L/C Setup switch
  • C/R Setup switch
  • Sub Output Level
  • Center Output Level
  • Left/Right Output Level
  • Surround Output Level

    Frequency Response
    To Multisonic outputs:
    20 Hz to 20 kHz ±1 dB
    To Surround outputs:
    90 Hz to 20 kHz ± 1 dB

    Crossover Filters:
    4th Order Linkwitz-Riley, -6 dB at 90 Hz
    Switchable high-pass for L/C/R outputs
    Fixed high-pass for Surround outputs
    Switchable low-pass for Discrete Sub input

    Total harmonic distortion
    20 Hz to 20 kHz, at full output: <0.02%

    Output noise
    20 Hz to 20 kHz, unweighted:
    <-90 dBu; <-84 dBu balanced

    Note: 0 dBu = 0.775 V rms

    Power Requirement
    Configurable for 120 or 240 Vac.

    19 in. x 1.75 in. x 12.0 in.
    (48.26 cm x 4.45 cm x 30.5 cm)
    1U rack mount
    Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)

    All Miles Technology products include a comprehensive three-year warranty. This covers specified operation in the intended applications. For complete warranty information, call Miles Technology at 800-280-8572.

    Multisonic Features and Advantages

  • Greatly Enlarged "Sweet Spot"
  • Highest-Quality Audio Performance
  • Works with All Program Sources
  • LCR Performance From Stereo
  • Routes/Processes DVD and 5.1 Sources
  • Discrete Inputs for Live Productions
  • Cleaner, More Dynamic Sound
  • Excellent Center Focus
  • Zero Dynamic Distortion
  • Very Forgiving of Imperfect Setups
  • More Even, Balanced Sound Stage
  • Excellent Clarity with Spatial Separation
  • Adjustable Center/Side Mix Ratio
  • Derived Surround w/ Spreadsound
  • Simple, Quick, and Precise Setup
  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Cost Effective
  • Solid Warranty

    Compared to Discrete L/C/R:
  • Identical results at left-center and right-center pan positions.
  • Identical results at center when using discrete center input.
  • Works with standard stereo console for much lower system cost and simplified operation.
  • Better audience coverage with imperfect loudspeaker/room setups.
  • Can be effectively used with discrete LCR systems to handle stereo sources (recordings, effects, stereo instruments or mikes).

    Compared to Other Decoders:
  • Multisonic Imaging does not use steering or gain riding and thus is sonically and dynamically superior.
  • Unlike steered systems, Multisonic can "image" all directions at once.
  • The sound field is totally stable.
  • No mode switching is necessary.
  • Works perfectly with all program sources, including music CD's and surround "encoded" videos.

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